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A Word of Encouragement from Fr. Longenecker

“Pandemic” does not mean “panic”. It is natural to feel fear and anxiety during a time of crisis. We are worried for our health, the health of our loved ones and the consequences of economic and social breakdown.

Pope John Paul the Great—who lived through two terrible world wars, Nazi persecution and the tyranny of communism—began his pontificate with the words, “Do not be afraid!” As a young man he overcame his fears with his unshakable faith in God’s almighty power. Therefore, during this time, I would echo his brave words and say, “Do Not be Afraid!” Down through the ages Christian believers have shown a great example to the world of faith, courage and steadfast love for God and their neighbor.

You can take part in this ministry by stepping up your life of prayer. The power of prayer will support all of us through the present difficulties. Please remember that we also have financial obligations. To sign up for regular online planned giving go HERE To make a single instant donation online go HERE. If you would like to use your credit card to make a donation over the phone or by email contact the parish secretary Beth Jones at ejones@charlestondiocese.org or (864) 422-1648.

Fr. Richard has prepared an information sheet about staying healthy and what to do in case of illness or the threat of death HERE.

During the pandemic, Fr. Richard, Deacon Mike and myself, as well as our school and office staff are working hard to minister to all our people and to the needy in our community. If you are a member of our parish and you are facing financial hardship because of the pandemic please get directly in touch with the new charity MercyWorks. There is a form there you can use to apply for assistance HERE.

Your pastor,

Fr. Longenecker

Don’t Forget! Even though the pandemic is still presenting challenges, ministry still continues.

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