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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

2020 will be remembered as a challenging year because it seemed like so much of our “normal” lives were put on hold.

But were those lives really so normal? Maybe what we have learned from COVID was to slow down a little and really appreciate the precious things in life: our health, our loved ones and our faith. Have we been reminded that life if fragile—handle with care? Have we been reminded to have compassion for those among us who are more vulnerable? Have we learned to take our lives and the lives of our loved ones with more concern and care? Have we treasured our Catholic faith more for it not being quite so readily available? I hope we have learned these lessons and more.

Now, in the parish as we get busy again, we have a lot to do. Our school and ministry to the wider community continues to be a priority. Happily, OLR school with its new identity as a K4-12 classical academy is enjoying an upsurge in reputation and popularity. Please pray for Mr. Curtin and his leadership team as they continue to plot the fresh future for our school. Mr. Chris Loewer is our director of outreach. He runs the Mother Teresa House and works with the St. Vincent de Paul team to expand our ministry to the needy in South Greenville. The board of MercyWorks—an OLR inspired local charity—is working to raise more funds for this work in our area.

As we move forward into the rest of 2021 and 2022, we will be taking part in some new initiatives. On September 18, we are having an all day Parish Retreat – a day out together at Look Up Lodge for fun, fellowship and furthering our faith. In October we will have a three day parish retreat led by Fr. Benedict Kiely and a special English guest to enjoy an “English afternoon”. We will also welcome a team from St. Paul’s Street Evangelization on October 13, to do some training in basic evangelization for Catholics.

Wouldn’t it also be great if we had something called, “St Joseph’s Workers”—a team of men (following St. Joseph’s example) who were skilled handymen, builders and workers who could volunteer time to help local older folks with home fix up projects? If you would be interested in helping with an apostolate like this we should talk!

I also have an idea that our property at 10 James Drive might be used as a home base for a small community of young men to be involved in local Catholic evangelization. It the Lord wills we will be able to make this a reality.

Your pastor,

Fr. Longenecker

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