Pastor’s Letter, May 6, 2021


How to Be One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Part Four - How to Be Apostolic Dear Brothers and Sisters, How can an ordinary Catholic be “Apostolic”? Isn’t the bishop is the one who is apostolic because he is a successor to the apostles? The faith is apostolic because it is handed down from the Apostles, [...]

Pastor’s Letter, May 6, 20212021-05-05T12:43:55-04:00

New COVID Mass Protocols as of May 9, 2021


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Now that the shadow of COVID is lifting somewhat we have been granted authority to lift the restrictions on worship further. Therefore, starting the weekend of May 8-9,  please note the following: Sunday Mass obligation for Catholics continues to be suspended until further notice. Restrictions at the two Sunday Masses (10:30 [...]

New COVID Mass Protocols as of May 9, 20212021-05-05T12:34:30-04:00

Important Gala News, Change in Venue


Due to complications beyond our control, we have changed the venue for the OLR Gala. The new location is: GROVE STATION FARM 421 PIEDMONT HIGHWAY PIEDMONT, SC 29673 The entrance driveway will be adorned with décor so you can’t miss it! If you returned your RSVP “Yes” to the gala, you’ll also be receiving a [...]

Important Gala News, Change in Venue2021-04-28T13:58:20-04:00

Ascension Sunday, May 16


The Feast of the Ascension of the Lord At first glance, the Ascension would seem to be a sad day. Christ in his human body is leaving the world for the last time. But this is a joyful feast; it is the fulfillment of Christ’s salvific mission. The Ascension is the final leg of the [...]

Ascension Sunday, May 162021-05-05T12:48:47-04:00

Taking Root in Catholic Culture, Seminar Videos


You can still join us - just send an email to SESSION 1 - "State of the Communion: Catholic Media Today" with Edward Pentin SESSION 2 - "The Crucified Hands of Christ: Attending to Civic Pain" with Chris Loewer SESSION 3 - "The Word Made Text: Catholic Contributions to Literature" with Glenn Arbery [...]

Taking Root in Catholic Culture, Seminar Videos2021-04-29T13:24:49-04:00

Pastor’s Letter, Apr. 30


How to Be One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Part Three - How to Be Catholic Brothers and Sisters, With planes, trains and automobiles to take us everywhere in the world as fast as we can, and with modern communications that make everyone available to everyone else at any time, you would guess that more and [...]

Pastor’s Letter, Apr. 302021-05-05T12:44:42-04:00

Respect Life Ministry, Spiritual Adoption Campaign


SPIRITUAL ADOPTION CAMPAIGN On March 25th, we celebrated the Feast of the Annunciation! To mirror Jesus’ conception at the Annunciation and his growth as an “unborn child”, Our Lady of the Rosary’s Respect Life Ministry, will begin our Spiritual Adoption Campaign. Can you say a short prayer to Jesus, Mary and Joseph for an [...]

Respect Life Ministry, Spiritual Adoption Campaign2021-04-27T12:00:02-04:00

Guidebook to the New OLR Church


At long last we have the guidebook to our new church. The interactive guide is published online as part of the parish website. You can check it out HERE. We have plans to install a WiFi service in the church so people can view the guide on their smartphone or tablet while walking through the [...]

Guidebook to the New OLR Church2021-03-26T14:13:55-04:00

Pastor’s Letter, Apr. 23


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Being One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, Part Two - How to Be Holy When we recite the creed each Sunday and say, “I believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church” most of us don’t imagine that it has much to do with our everyday lives. Stop! Every aspect of our [...]

Pastor’s Letter, Apr. 232021-04-30T10:53:18-04:00
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