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Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Dec. 27


Scripture tells us practically nothing about the first years and the boyhood of the Child Jesus. All we know are the facts of the sojourn in Egypt, the return to Nazareth, and the incidents that occurred when the twelve-year-old boy accompanied his parents to Jerusalem. In her liturgy the Church hurries over this period of [...]

Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Dec. 272020-12-28T12:47:15-05:00

Pastor’s Update Letter, Dec. 18


Dear Brothers and Sisters, St. John’s gospel is a unique composition. The author clearly knows the earlier recorded stories of Jesus’ life, ministry, death and resurrection, but John includes other stories and introduces other characters to round out the whole picture. John’s gospel is written later than the other three. Scholars believe it was completed [...]

Pastor’s Update Letter, Dec. 182020-12-28T12:52:49-05:00

Christmas Rosary Rally, Dec. 19


Join us on December 19, at 2:00 pm at Falls Park in downtown Greenville to pray a rosary in honor of Christ’s birth, thanking God for all his many blessings, and asking like little children for the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart in our world.

Christmas Rosary Rally, Dec. 192020-12-10T09:04:18-05:00

Pastor’s Update Letter, Dec. 3


Dear Brothers and Sisters, St. Mark’s gospel is the shortest. The language is punchy, and the pace is quick. The tradition from the earliest days in the church is that the source for Mark’s gospel was St. Peter himself. We know from the first epistle of Peter that St. Mark was with him in Rome, [...]

Pastor’s Update Letter, Dec. 32020-12-10T14:29:21-05:00

Pastor’s Update Letter, Dec. 10


Dear Brothers and Sisters, We have St. Luke to thank for the third gospel, and for the most detailed account of the Christmas story. It is St. Luke who tells us of the birth of John the Baptist, the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the nativity in Bethlehem with the shepherds and angels. [...]

Pastor’s Update Letter, Dec. 102020-12-18T09:01:04-05:00

Free Organ Recital, Dec. 13, 6:30 pm, Alan Montgomery, Organist and Choirmaster


ORGAN RECITAL - SAVE THE DATE! On Sunday, December 13, 2020, at 6:30 p.m., Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church organist and choirmaster, Alan Montgomery, will give an organ recital playing works of Bach, Bruhns, Karg-Elert, and Elgar. A native of Vacaville, California, Mr. Montgomery holds a Bachelor of Music degree from [...]

Free Organ Recital, Dec. 13, 6:30 pm, Alan Montgomery, Organist and Choirmaster2020-12-13T20:52:09-05:00

Baby Blanket Drive, Dec. 21, Deadline


Some of our OLR families are crocheting baby blankets for Piedmont Women’s Center. If you would like to crochet a baby blanket, please have it delivered by Dec 21. Call the parish office at (864) 422-1648 for details. Don’t forget to pray for the baby who will be wrapped in the blanket you’re making!  

Baby Blanket Drive, Dec. 21, Deadline2020-12-10T09:04:42-05:00

Pastor’s Update Letter, Nov. 24


Dear Brothers and Sisters, During Advent it is traditional to preach or write about “the Four Last Things”—Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. This year I’d like to devote my pastor’s letters during Advent to some instruction on the four gospels of Matthew, Mark Luke and John. The first three gospels are called “synoptic” gospels. The [...]

Pastor’s Update Letter, Nov. 242020-12-10T09:05:15-05:00

A Safe and Secure Way to Shop and Help Our School


Whose on your Shopping List?  Give the Gift of SCRIP Gift Cards, OR Shop online WITHOUT using your credit card! Go HERE for the OLR order form. What is SCRIP? OLR SCRIP GIFT CARD PROGRAM sells gift cards from hundreds of retailers.  You receive the full value of the gift card.  OLR receives a percentage [...]

A Safe and Secure Way to Shop and Help Our School2020-12-10T09:05:59-05:00
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