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Confirmation Preparation 2021-2022

   The Sacrament of Confirmation

This is the second of the “Sacraments of Christian Initiation.”  This sacrament seals the baptized person with the grace and gifts of the Holy Spirit and gives the person additional strength to live and defend the faith.

In keeping with diocesan guidelines, Our Lady of the Rosary implements a two-year program to prepare for Confirmation. The first year of the program consists in participation in religion classes at Our Lady of the Rosary School, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, or Sunday religious education classes for those in public schools. In addition to the same requirements as the first year, Confirmation candidates attend a series of additional classes and activities. At Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, the sacrament of Confirmation is administered in the Spring of 8th grade.


  • Participation in the Real Love & Real Life Program- October 25, November 8 & November 15, 2021 (Presented by Family Honor, Inc.) You need to sign-up online for this program here
  • Faithful attendance at Confirmation classes
  • Service hours
  • Retreat day
  • Saint presentation

Confirmation preparation requires a commitment on both the part of the parent and the Confirmation candidate. We are looking forward to preparing your children for this beautiful sacrament.

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Orbon, MA, Director of Faith Formation at 864-422-1648, ext. 209 or

For Adults:
It’s not too late to receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit! Please contact the Parish Office to make arrangements for instruction.