Welcome to Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Greenville, South Carolina.

Our Lady of the Rosary is a vibrant Catholic community committed to worshiping God in the fullness of the Catholic tradition. With an excellent parish school, a dynamic youth work, a growing musical ministry and outreach to the needy, we are living the love of Christ for our families and our wider community.

Our Lady of the Rosary was founded by a few families in the 1950’s, and is therefore one of the oldest Catholic parishes in upstate South Carolina. The founding families built a school and a simple building for worship. Now, over fifty years later we have finally built a new church for the worthy worship of God.

Our pastor since 2010 has been Fr. Dwight Longenecker. He is a convert to the Catholic faith. Brought up in an Evangelical Protestant home, after attending Bob Jones University he went to England to study at Oxford to become an Anglican priest. He served in the Church of England for ten years before he and his wife and family were received into full communion with the Catholic Church. In 2006 Fr. Dwight was ordained as a Catholic priest through the special pastoral provision which allows married former Anglican priests to be ordained as Catholic priests.

 Fr. Longenecker has an active ministry across the United States as a conference speaker, blogger and author. He brings his communication gifts to parish ministry with strong preaching and teaching across the age groups.

Fr. Longenecker is supported by a strong team with three deacons, school and parish staff, and an army of volunteers working together to live the gospel of Jesus Christ in a needy part of Greenville, SC.

Come and join us!