June 16  Holy Trinity in Balance

June 9  Pentecost 2019


Sep 23  The Way of the World and the Way of the Child

Aug 26  Christ’s Body, Church and Sacrament

Aug 19  How Can This Man Give Us His Flesh to Eat?

Aug 5  Manna, Moses, the Miracle & the Mystery

July 15  Deacons and Priests, Two by Two

July 8  The Result of Rejecting Christ

June 3  C. Christi Encounter Body, Mind & Spirit

May 27  Trinity – St. Benedict’s Little Trinities

May 20  Pentecost – Mary, Mother of the Church

May 13  Ascension Sunday – The Second Coming

May 6  Faith, Family, Fellowship

April 15  Resurrection and Reality

March 18  Greeks, Glory and a Grain of Wheat

March 4  Sin, Stupidity, and the Sign of the Cross

February 25  Theophany, Tents, and Transfiguration

February 18  Jesus in the Desert

February 4  Jesus the Healer

January 28  Jesus the Exorcist

January 21  Citizens of the Kingdom & Fishers of Men

January 12  The Encounter, The Question, The Call 

January 7  The Wise Men, The Star & Three Gifts


December 31  The Holy Family – A Little Trinity 

December 17  The “Isms” and Our Humanity

December 10  The Supernatural “Isms”

The “Isms”

Finding Forgiveness

The Bright Side

The Violent – Part 4

The Heretics – Part 3

The Wrathful – Part 2

The Circles of Sin –  Part 1


The Importance of Sacred Scripture

Priests on the Frontline

Something Radical and Beautiful for God

Sacraments, the Sacred & Service

Passion and Compassion Faith and Forgiveness

Blood and Guts Catholicism

The Trinity in a Cup of Tea

Ascension – Descended, Ascended, Extended

Be Not Afraid

We Are Witnesses

Dynamic and Doubting Disciples 

No Miracle No Religion

The Woman Taken in Adultery

The Joy of Being Wrong

The Little Trinity of Lent

Casting Out Into the Deep

Why Catholic Education is Crucial

The Mystery of Marriage

The Baptism of the Lord – Getting Right with God

The Epiphany


Heaven, Hell, and Your Heart’s Desire

Judgement Day

The Problem of Islam