Go HERE for the Interactive Guide to the New Church

Building a new church is not just a matter of putting up a structure. Building the structure runs parallel to building up the people of God in this place, for we are the church—the Body of Christ, and the building is a reflection of our community and our faith.

In our new physical church it is vitally important to remember that we have not simply erected a building in which to say Mass. The new church is a sign and symbol of the other kind of building that is going on in this parish. The new church building must be a symbol of the new church building we are doing in our lives and in our community.

The image of the building as the living church of Christ is everywhere in the New Testament. St. Peter says we are “living stones being built into a spiritual temple” St. Paul says to the Christians at Corinth that they are the “temple of the living God”. Christ is the foundation and the apostles and prophets are the builders.

Our new church will simply be an empty building if we do not also build up the church of God, who are the people of God. Each one of us are meant to be a living stone in that spiritual temple which is the Church of Jesus Christ in this place.

The Holy Spirit is active in our midst in so many real and powerful ways. The Church of Christ is being built in this place, in our lives, in our families, in our parish and in our school. Go here to see a photo gallery.

Once again, ask yourself what part you have to play in this great work. Are you sitting on the sidelines waiting for others to do everything? I encourage you to get up, get involved and get on the Lord’s side to continue building Christ’s Church now and for eternity.