Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jesus said if your house is built on sand, when the storms come it will collapse.

You may ask, “Why is our society collapsing? Why are families breaking up? Why is drug addiction and alcoholism destroying lives? Why have suicide, depression and loneliness become an epidemic? Why is there senseless killing, violence in our streets, communities and homes?”

The house is collapsing because it was built on sand. The foundations of faith have crumbled, so when the storm comes the house falls down. Why have the foundations of faith crumbled? Because the faith has not been taught clearly and firmly.

Our state schools provide a secular education. College professors make it their aim to destroy the faith foundation of our young people. Materialism, greed and pleasure offer what seems to be a better way.

To re-build the faith foundation we first need to have the answers ourselves. We need the tools to answer the questions that our children and grandchildren have about the faith.

This is why I have asked our Fellowship of St. Joseph’s men’s’ group to sponsor an 8 week course on apologetics—how to give an answer for the faith that lies within you.

I will be teaching the classes which will take place in the Guadalupe Hall and will begin at 8:45 am with coffee and a light continental breakfast.

The dates for the meetings are:

  • September 15         Apologetics? What’s That?
  • September 29          Knowing God – Revelation
  • October 13              Is There Only One Way? – Other Religions
  • October 27              Jesus Christ – The Human Face of God
  • November 3            The Blessed Virgin – Why You Can’t Have Jesus Without Mary
  • November 17          Lift High the Cross – Jesus Christ Victim and Victor
  • December 1             The Church and Sacraments – The Body of Christ
  • December 15           Why Does it Matter? – The Catholic Life

There will be reminders the week before each meeting. There is no charge for the course and the sessions are appropriate for Middle School age and upward.

The course complements the whole family catechesis Katie Orbon is preparing for our parish this year. It also doubles as the first stage of our RCIA course for this year. So, if you know someone who would like to explore the Catholic faith, this is their opportunity!

Fr. Dwight Longenecker