Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Usually we would gather in church at 3:00 pm on Good Friday to celebrate the solemn liturgy commemorating Our Lord’s death. This year we are unable to do so. Therefore Fr. Ballard, together with his wife Ruth, has written a book on the Way of the Cross, and has prepared a special Good Friday meditation for your use. You can access it HERE.

Deacon Bannio’s wife Sue is a keen photographer and she, together with Amy and Suzanne Schiera, has compiled a YouTube video incorporating our own beautiful stations from both the Upper and Lower churches. You can access it HERE. Please use these resources for your Good Friday meditations.

You might also like to watch one of the film versions of the passion. The classic Jesus of Nazareth film directed by Franco Zeffirelli and Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ are both available on Amazon to stream. I would warn you that the Mel Gibson film is very well done, but it is extremely graphic and not suitable for young children. If you would like to learn about my own small part in Mel Gibson’s film you can read about it HERE on my blog.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and worship at this time,

Fr. Longenecker