Dear OLR Parishioners,

Our beloved school was born in 1955 to educate the Catholic children of Our Lady of the Rosary parish. At first comprising only a few grades, we steadily grew to serve students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Decades passed. Our parish school witnessed the United States place a man on the moon. We celebrated the end of the Cold War. We watched massive computers shrink to the size of a grandfather’s billfold. Today, our students pray their morning offering for the intentions of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, the seventh Pope to sit in the Chair of St. Peter since the school’s founding.

That is quite a history. For sixty-five years we have watched the world turn, and at every moment we have faithfully carried the torch of Catholic education. We have made certain that, whatever the world threw at them, our graduates would leave OLR equipped to meet the challenge of the moment.

The challenge of this moment is different than before. We all feel it. The world seems to be spinning out of control, its centripetal force propelling our children out of the Church, out of healthy relationships, even out of the touch with reality altogether.

The times have indeed changed, and so the school must change, not to accommodate the times but to answer them. OLR’s new classical mission prioritizes truth, goodness, and beauty. It extols the importance of family life. It prepares students to defend their faith. It presents Jesus Christ and His Church as attractive, indispensable, and empowering.

Our Lady of the Rosary has welcomed two classes of Upper School students as we extend the Catholic education of our parish through 12th grade. We are not waiting for demand to manifest; we are creating it. For we know that truth, goodness, and beauty market themselves.

I invite every parishioner reading this to take a personal interest in the success of our excellent parish school. Help us deliver our mission to every Catholic child at OLR. Make your mark on history.

Thomas Curtin