Ladies of all ages are invited to a LENTEN RETREAT, right here at OLR. We meet on Monday evenings at 6pm in Guadalupe Hall, through May 16. studying the book, “I believe in Love” based on the teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux. The book and study guide can be purchased HERE.

Learn . . .

How you can have confidence in God, not in spite of your sufferings, but because of them!

The secret that makes sense of the pain and trouble in your life – no matter how great

One thing you must cherish in your soul, or you’ll never learn to love as Jesus loves

God’s love for you personally: are you aware of its reality in every moment of your life?

The spiritual goldmine that is at your fingertips now – if you know where to find it

What you must do before you speak about the Faith, or your words will be useless

Crosses: why you can’t avoid them – and why you should love the ones God sends you

How to deal with failures, reversals, and difficult moments of all kinds

The Fall of Adam and Eve: how even it shows God’s abiding love for every soul

The sin that destroys countless souls – since few know how to recognize and fight it

Do you wish you had the love of God that the saints have?

Are you drawing on all the treasures of the Eucharist and the saints?

The comforting reason why our Lord at times chooses not to deliver you from trials

Much more that will show you how to live in the glorious love of God at each moment!