Due to the recent surge in COVID, and the concerns of our parishioners, we are adding some special requirements for Mass to accommodate everyone.

1. Ushers and greeters should wear masks at all Masses when greeting people at the door.

2. Friday 10 am Mass is set aside for parishioners over the age of 70. Masks are now required for this Mass.

3. Saturday evening 5 pm Mass is also set aside for parishioners over 70. Masks are required for this Mass.

Please note that the Friday 10 am Mass and Saturday 5 pm Masses are “set aside” for parishioners over 70. We will not do an age check and turn others away, but we ask you to work together as a parish community to keep these Mass times for our senior parishioners. This is out of respect for them and to help our older family members be able to attend Mass with more confidence.