From Fr. Longenecker . . . 

You may have seen an article in the National Catholic Register a few weeks ago which featured our parish. If you are reading this online you can click here to read the article. Donna Craft, our communications Director has also posted a link on the parish website.

The article was written by well-known blogger and Catholic writer Kathy Schiffer who also happens to be the wife of our new Deacon Jerry Schiffer. Kathy and Jerry moved to South Carolina from Michigan a few years ago and some weeks ago now Bishop Guglielmone transferred Deacon Jerry to serve at OLR. We’re glad to welcome both him and Kathy.

Kathy’s article highlights an exciting development for our parish school. Put simply, families are moving to Greenville from around the country to join our parish community. If you attend the 10:30 Mass you will see the large number of young families who are now members of OLR. Having heard about our parish and school they have come to be part of what God is doing here in this corner of Greenville.

Kathy writes, “As of April 2021, 14 new families have moved to Greenville to attend OLR from 11 states — California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Nevada — and more are on their way.”

Why are they moving to Greenville and OLR? Because the parish school not only offers a solid, classical Catholic curriculum for grades K4-12, but we also offer the “faithful family discount” in which member families of OLR may send their children to the school and pay only the tuition for the oldest two kids. This is our way of being generous to those who have given so much to the Lord and the Church. Together in this way—and in all the other activities in the parish we are working to create a positive Catholic culture in our community.

In these days, an increasing cultural darkness and decay a truly radiant Catholic community shines the light of Christ for those who are lost in a lonely and desperate world. As part of our work, this Fall we will be hosting a group of Catholic evangelists to help train us to better share our Catholic faith with those outside.

More information on this is coming soon!