Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I’m pleased to say the renovation of our old church is nearly finished! Because of your continued generosity, we were able to build a wonderful new parish center, catering kitchen and four classrooms for our new Upper School expansion. In addition, the old cry room is now an extra meeting room for fellowship, Bible studies and parish meetings.

The new community center will be called Guadalupe Hall in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patron of the pro-life movement. There is also a link with Our Lady of the Rosary, as a banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe was flown from one of the ships in the Battle of Lepanto, from which the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary originated. The new upstairs meeting room will be named the Lepanto Room to further the historic connection with Our Lady of the Rosary.

Due to the rising construction costs in Greenville, the renovation project turned out to be much more expensive than we planned. We were blessed with a major bequest from the estate of Mrs. Irene Stockton which made the renovation possible. However, our budget for the project was still tight. It covered all the construction, but not furnishing. Our headmaster Mr. Curtin is working on the furnishing of our new classrooms and Marie White and Nichola Bricco have worked together to equip the new catering kitchen.

And this is where we need your help. We are looking for sponsors for the large items in the kitchen. Closer to the dedication in the Fall we will also have a “kitchen shower” for parishioners to donate the smaller utensils and necessary appliances.

In the meantime, are you able to donate the funds for these major items? There is a range of equipment at different donation levels. Our list cost is somewhat higher than the actual cost to cover installation and fitting of the whole kitchen.

40 cup coffee urn

Hand washing sink and faucet $120
Food prep sink $200
Faucet $200
Stainless steel worktable, 36”x30” $225
Stainless steel worktable for island, 60”x36” $350
Faucets $350
Convection microwave oven $600
3 compartment stainless steel dishwashing sink $700
Samsung 25.5 cu’ stainless refrigerator/freezer $1,500
     (or 3 donations of $500 each)
Warming cabinet, including trays $2,000
     (or 4 donations of $500 each)
21′ of base cabinets and two storage cabinets $7,000
     (or 7 donations of $1,000 each)

If you are able to help please designate your check for that particular item and put it in a marked envelope in the collection plate or return it to the parish office.

Many thanks for your help!

Fr. Dwight Longenecker

         P.S. We also need a volunteer to install the three sinks to the existing plumbing. Is that the job for you?

        If so, please contact the parish office.