Dear Brothers and Sisters,

If you have been at OLR for some time you will know I dislike making appeals for money. I’m amazed and delighted that our pre-Christmas drive to pay off the debt on the new church was a success, but I hesitate to ask for further giving.

However, I’m required to ask you to participate in the diocesan fund-raising effort. Each year the Bishop of Charleston launches his “Bishop’s Annual Appeal” This is an opportunity for you to give generously to all the wonderful work the diocese undertakes across the state of South Carolina.

At Our Lady of the Rosary, we have a special push during Lent—asking you to give your Lenten alms to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. Each week during Lent we will highlight the Bishop’s Annual Appeal and encourage you to be informed and to be involved.

So you are informed in your giving, the Diocese requires about 10% of our regular giving to be sent to the Diocese. This is for the regular running costs of the Diocese. The Bishop’s Annual Appeal is on top of that, and is used for special outreach and charitable purposes that have the backing of the Diocese.

The Diocesan Fund raisers push hard to raise the millions of dollars they aim for each year. We try to cooperate here at OLR during Lent and with a few other reminders through the year. Most years we close the year with another push during Advent at which we try to close the gap and reach our parish target.

As usual there will be brochures and envelopes distributed to keep you informed and involved.

Thank you for your assistance and generosity.

Your Pastor,

Fr. Longenecker