Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last week I wrote about the importance of congregational hymn singing—encouraging everyone to use the worship aids and join in the singing. Learning new hymns opens up a treasury of our Christian worship.

This week I would remind you of the importance of our choral tradition. When visitors come to OLR they are impressed by the beauty of our worship. The building, the reverence of the people, the well-trained altar boys and especially the beautiful singing of our girls’ choir—who have held the fort so splendidly during COVID-19 troubles.

Our worship is not simply a duty to come to church once a week to hear a religious pep talk. We bring our whole selves into God’s presence to offer him our worship and connect our hearts and minds to his grace and power. To do this both our hearts and heads need to be engaged. Beauty is the language of worship because as we apprehend what is beautiful both our heads and hearts are opened to God. An excellent choir adds to the beauty of our worship as the music touches our hearts, not only our heads.

While the girls have done very well, we as a congregation can do better. The 10:30am Mass is not the only mass where we need good music. Mr. Curtin (who is a fine musician as well as our dynamic headmaster) is working with Mr. Montgomery and our school staff and students to develop a boys’ choir and a youth choir. We would also like to develop a young men’s’ schola to sing at the 5pm Mass on Sunday evenings.

For our music program to grow we need talented singers and musicians to step up and volunteer. This will take a commitment of time and talent, so if you have a good voice and like to sing, please take a moment to introduce yourself to Alan Montgomery in the choir loft. Give him your email address and phone number and we will move forward and keep you posted.

Your Pastor,

Fr. Longenecker