Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At the beginning of the fourth century the mighty empire of Rome shifted as the emperor Constantine decided that the fledgling religion of Christianity should be the official religion of the empire.

Suddenly Christians went from being persecuted to being protected. Within a short time, it became respectable – even fashionable to be a Christian. As a result, the church became more wealthy, more established and more corrupted by power, influence and affluence.

In Egypt some radical Christians responded by going out into the desert to pursue solitary lives of prayer, marked by poverty, self-discipline and a total attachment to Christ. These men and women were the first monks and nuns in the church.

As solitary men and women, they isolated themselves – dedicating their time to prayer, study and worship. They were called hermits, monks or anchorites. The word “monk” comes from the Greek word for “alone” while “hermit” is derived from the word eremos meaning “solitary”.

Here at OLR we have welcomed Doug G. to live in the St. Paul House of Prayer (6 James Drive) as our parish hermit. We are in conversation with Bishop Jacques for Doug’s position to be formally recognized in the diocese. In the meantime, he will live a life dedicated to prayer here in our midst.

On Wednesday after the 6pm Mass, Doug will be in Guadalupe Hall for a “Meet and Greet”. He will say a few words about his unusual life decision and take time to answer questions. If you have any questions about Doug and his role in the parish please be in touch.

Your Pastor,

Fr. Longenecker