Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is easy to come to Mass and take it for granted that everything will proceed “as normal”.

However, when you stop to think, you will realize that there is a lot of behind the scenes work that takes place. Deacon Mike organizes the schedules for the lectors. Fr. Richard assists with planning liturgies. Deacon Jerry is there to help set up and get ready for Mass. Rick Burke is our facilities manager who makes sure the HVAC is operating, the church has been cleaned, and Pauline Bellavance and Brian Mahan help to make sure the ushers are in place to serve during the Mass.

Another vital worker is Alan Montgomery our organist and choirmaster. Alan plans the music to be played and sung, leads choir practices and encourages the singers.

During the COVID pandemic church, like many other aspects of life, went into sleep mode. Worship, service and Christian life continued, but much of our work went into a kind of dormant, automatic pilot phase.

Now, as things return to normal, we need to get going again! Over the last year we have also enjoyed great growth in the church and school. As we grow, we need to involve some of our new members in the various ministries in the church.

Therefore, in the weeks ahead I will be recruiting and asking for volunteers for various ministries. The first on which we are focusing is our music ministry. If you can help with re-building the choir, please take a moment after Mass to meet with Mr. Montgomery to learn more.

Your pastor,

Fr. Longenecker