Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I’m afraid we too often take the Holy Spirit for granted. We fail to see the awesomeness of the event that took place at Pentecost.

To really grasp the enormity of what happened we should first understand what life was like in the ancient world. For eons mankind had been cut off from God. The door to paradise was closed. An angel guarded the entrance to Eden so the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve could not return.

The Roman Empire was a cruel, bloodthirsty, lustful and murderous society. Plagues, famines, death and natural disaster surged through the world. The religions consisted of dark, loathsome and terrifying rituals to appease capricious and bloodthirsty demons who were worshipped as “gods and goddesses”. As a result, I believe, a large proportion of the population were actually demon possessed.

Then, as the fruit of the resurrection and ascension, a new gift was poured out on the human race. The Holy Spirit who was given was the same spirit that hovered over the waters of creation and who hovered over the Lord Jesus at his baptism. This was none other than the third person of the Holy Trinity poured into the hearts and minds of ordinary mortals.

This new gift transformed humanity forever. New life, new love, new light began to flow in the world. The doors of eternity were opened, the path to paradise was restored.

This is the spirit we welcome into our own lives. It is a gift given at Baptism and renewed as we live in Christ.

Come Holy Spirit!

Your Pastor,

Fr. Longenecker