Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sometimes at the mass for the opening of the school– to explain the ideals of Catholic education, I will preach about the characters from the Wizard of Oz– the Scarecrow, Tinman and Cowardly Lion.

The scarecrow didn’t have a brain. The Tinman lacked a heart and the Lion needed courage or fortitude. Catholic education seeks to minister to the whole person–building up not just the brain, but doing so with heart and courage.

The three characters and their lack is also an illustration of what all of us need. Catholic education is not just for children. We all need to build up our brain power, open our hearts and find our courage! This is why I have been working with Katie Orbon, our Director of Faith Formation, to put together various resources for all age Catholic education. The Formed program is a good online resource with a rich variety of good Catholic content. We have also held regular teaching sessions during Advent and Lent as well as nurturing our men’s group–The Fellowship of St. Joseph–and our Ladies’ groups. Katie has also worked with Kaitlyn Curtin to create and promote Taking Root in Catholic Culture–our series of online conversations with leaders of Catholic culture.

All of this connects neatly with today’s celebration of the Holy Trinity because each one of–created in God’s image–are little trinities–some more holy than others! Each of us has our head, our hearts and our bodies which are often at war with one another–but when the three exist in a harmonious balance we can begin to approach the holiness (wholeness) to which we are called. Catholic education and ongoing formation in the faith is the tool that helps this to happen.

Your Pastor,

Fr. Longenecker