Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many of you will know of my devotion to St. Benedict—the founder of Western monasticism and the patron of Europe. In the Prologue to his famous rule he writes, “First of all, whenever you begin any good work, you must ask of God with the most urgent prayer that it may be brought to completion by Him.”

In other words, the thing which is of primary importance is prayer. Last week I wrote about the importance of evangelization, but sharing the gospel on our own, out of our own good ideas or cleverness will bring only shallow results. Instead, as St. Benedict says, “We must begin the endeavor with fervent prayer.”

Some months ago, the people of the parish donated the funds to purchase 6 James Drive—the small house which is now part of our campus across from the gym. Over the last year a small team of our parishioners have done the hard work of clearing the backyard, trimming back the overgrowth and renovating the property to make in habitable. The question has been, “Father what are we going to do with that property?” My answer has been, “Let’s continue to pray about it and discuss”.

Now here is my proposal: I would like that house to be christened “St. Paul House of Prayer”. I can see a small, informal community of young men who may be discerning a call to the priesthood or religious life living there under the leadership of an older man. These young men would maintain the offices of Morning and Evening Prayer in the church, oversee the development of more times of Eucharistic Adoration and basically be a prayer powerhouse and prayer resource center for the parish.

From this life of prayer, I hope further steps towards evangelization would grow within the wider community. The young men who are living there would help to share this vision and this work with our parish community.

If you think this is a good use for 6 James Drive or have further ideas or comments I would love to hear from you.

Your Pastor,

Fr. Longenecker