Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many years ago, I heard a priest preach about “the commonwealth of God”. He was trying to be politically correct and avoid the subject of “the Kingdom of God” because monarchy was inherently un-democratic, hierarchical and distasteful to him.

I wanted to stand up and protest in favor of Christ the King. Jesus himself taught about the coming of the kingdom and taught us to pray “Thy Kingdom come” in the Lord’s prayer.

The trendy priest’s reluctance to embrace Christ the King revealed a deeper problem in his understanding of the faith. He clearly thought that the concepts and teachings revealed by Jesus as recorded in the New Testament were “cultural constructs” – in other words they were products of Jesus’ particular culture in the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago. He thought such ideas were out of date and needed to be updated. So, he took it upon himself to do the update: instead of “the kingdom of God” he made up the phrase “the commonwealth of God.”

The idea that the Christian gospel is no more than a historical curiosity which can be tinkered with by sincere people who would like an update is a dangerous heresy. The Church and Sacred Scripture teach that “in the fullness of time God sent forth his Son born of a woman.” (Gal 4:4)

“The fullness of time” means that Our Lord’s incarnation happened when it did and where it did by God’s Divine plan. It was not a mistake, and the gospel did not happen by accident.

As we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King let us joyfully sing his praises. Let us “Crown him with many Crowns” and pray that his Kingdom may come in our lives, our homes, our parish and our world.

Your Pastor,

Fr. Longenecker