Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This week we make our stewardship commitments. I hope you have thought and prayed about your financial commitment to the Lord this week.

Last Sunday I spoke about five words beginning with the letter ‘F’: The need for FUNDING. The fact that giving is an act of FAITH. The positive impact of giving on our FAMILIES. The FINANCIAL benefits of a life of giving and how we are investing in the FUTURE.

I would like to emphasize this point especially. Many of us are worried and concerned about a society that is increasingly adrift from Christian values and beliefs. We witness corruption and cowardice in the church, increasing violence, sexual confusion and immorality and a surge in atheism in all its forms.

What can you do about this? I believe at OLR we are all doing exactly what must be done. We are consciously building a community of strong faith and family values. We are putting down deep roots in the beauty, truth and goodness of the Catholic faith. As we do, we are laying strong foundations with our children and grandchildren and are thus helping to build the best future possible—a future blessing that will extend not just to their lives, but into generations yet unborn.

This is what St. Benedict did in the sixth century: He built small, local communities of prayer, fellowship, learning and hard work. The result was something we call “Christendom”—a truly, deeply, Christian culture. I believe similar seeds are being planted in our lifetimes—seeds that will sprout, flourish and grow into a new Christendom in years and decades beyond our own.

Please give generously to help fund this work of the Lord. As you give week by week remember to also give your prayers and worship—asking the Lord to continue to bless our parish, our work, our life at OLR, Greenville.

Your Pastor,

Fr. Longenecker