Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This week’s Pastor’s Letter is from our School Headmaster, Tommy Curtin.

 The families of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School are grateful for the loving support of our Pastor and the members of our parish. It is clear from my conversations with other school principals in the Diocese that the closeness we enjoy at OLR is special and not experienced by many parish-school communities. Much of this is due to Fr. Longenecker’s encouragement and involvement in our school.

Over the last year, we have witnessed tremendous growth in the school as our enrollment has increased from 135 to 215 students. This makes us the fastest growing school in the Charleston Diocese! Anyone attending Sunday morning Mass has seen that the parish is itself also experiencing the rejuvenating influence of many new, faithful families  Our Lord is truly blessing Our Lady of the Rosary Church and School in equal portion!

I write today to request that you tithe generously to the parish in the coming year. While Fr. Longenecker will speak to the good works accomplished in the parish with your help, much good also comes to the students at the school. Consider just a few ways the parish supports OLR school:

Shared Facilities: Our students attend Mass weekly and make excellent use of the parish’s Guadalupe Hall and cafeteria, to say nothing of the green spaces which beautify both campuses.

The New Church: The new church educates and inspires our children in the riches of traditional Catholic art and architecture.

Shared Salaries: The church helps fund staff positions (such as the Facilities Manager and Music Director) that support the operation of both the parish and the school.

Scholarship Programs: Through direct donations and the annual parish subsidy, the church makes Catholic education affordable for many scholarship students within the school.

Most importantly, our school is worthy of your support. It is an unfortunate fact that many Catholic schools have contented themselves with offering a tired brand of education that may be dubbed “public school plus prayers.” This model, which seeks to accommodate the Faith to the secular world, to find common ground, is a proven failure. We reject it outright.

Our Lady of the Rosary School embraces a countercultural, classical model of education marked by truth, beauty, and goodness. We honor family life. We extol virtue. We esteem the saints of God. We battle to win the hearts and souls of our children for Christ!

Little good is accomplished without sacrifice. Along with Fr. Longenecker, I invite you to live sacrificially and give sacrificially. I assure you, your parish school will do our best to multiply and magnify your gift on behalf of the families we serve.

In Christ’s Love,

Tommy Curtin