Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This week’s Pastor’s Letter is from Chris Loewer, Director of Outreach.

 Thanks to everyone who supports this parish, our school, St. Vincent de Paul Society and Mother Teresa House with prayers, time and financial resources. Through this support, we can accomplish our mission of serving our youth with a Christ-centered school and reaching out to the poor, lonely and forgotten. In other words, seeing Jesus in our midst, in our local community. If not for your generous hearts, it cannot happen.

The parish supports the work of Mother Teresa House through salaries, shared resources in the church office, and the use of the property at 110 James Drive. Without this support, MTH would not exist. These funds come from your contributions and gifts to the parish. The St. Vincent de Paul Society works with the poor in our local community through utility assistance and Saturday food bank. They receive 100% of your poor box donations and a tithe from the parish determined by the tithing committee. They collect your food donations left by the SVdP statue in the narthex. If you have time, they need more volunteers to help on Saturdays handing out food. Those volunteers are the happiest people I know because of their giving hearts. Please consider joining them.

Mother Teresa House is supported mostly by you and your directed giving through checks and online. 100% of the funds marked for MTH cover salary, our building expenses and utilities, and financial and medical assistance for those we help.

We serve two very diverse communities: those economically challenged and those who are experiencing homelessness. We have continued to serve on average between 80-100 individuals and their families monthly during this pandemic. For those who struggle with making their ends meet at the end of the month, we work with our SVdP Society, other local SVdP Societies, and other local organizations to find the resources and the services they need. From finding employment, health, vision, and dental issues or just finding affordable housing, we are there to listen, love and then work on a plan together. We take a lot of first steps in love, as change is hard.

Reaching out to our homeless community is far more challenging. Mental health, drug and alcohol issues dominate most of the root issues we deal with. Some get trapped in the financial circle of the high cost of living in the hotels and saving enough for deposits. Often even when offered an alternative, they do not move. Many times they have grown comfortable with living in the hotels or outside in conditions most would find appalling. We continue to reach out with love to see Jesus in each one of them. As broken as they may be, we see their humanity, and show them love and kindness. It may take years to develop the trust needed for them to take a first step, but thanks to your prayers and donations, we have the time to invest in each of them and celebrate success when it happens. And it does happen!

Growing up we had very little, but my parents always tithed. It was the first checks they wrote every month. They always said “you cannot out-give God” and everything they gave would come back in time in His plan. We are called to carry our cross and live sacrificially and that includes our money. It teaches us to place money after God and family in our lives. I invite you to read 2 Corinthians Chapter 9 and pray as a family to decide what you will give joyfully to God and this parish.

In Christ’s Love,

Chris Loewer,

Director of Outreach and Mother Teresa House