Dear Brothers and Sisters,

At our opening of school Mass each year I often speak about the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion–reminding the children that our Catholic education involves the three aspects of human nature: the brain, the heart and the will or courage.

We can also call these three aspects the Body, Mind and Spirit. For the Christian life to be in balance we must be aware that we are created in God’s image, so therefore, we are little Holy Trinities. Body, Mind and Spirit–Brain, Heart and Courage–Intellect, Emotions and Will. These three are one unity within us.

However, in our personal lives the three get out of balance depending on our personality type. We all prefer to operate more strongly in one of the three with a strong second. For most of us there is one of the three that we don’t like much. Me? My preference is brain followed by heart. Body? You don’t want to see me trying to play basketball and don’t ask what happens when I try to put up some shelves!

Others are “heart” people or “body” people. Which are you? More importantly which one is not you? Because that’s the one you need to work on. Are you easily bored with intellectual matters and prefer to interact with people or be involved with physical activities? Then you need to learn how to curl up with a good book. Are you suspicious and cynical about “sentimentality” and “relationships”? Then you need to work on allowing God to open your heart a bit more. Are you bored and fed up with physical exercise, getting things done in the world and being engaged in the physical world? Then you need to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and get involved.

The balance of these three elements is also necessary in our church life together. We need good opportunities to grow in the intellectual understanding of our faith. For “head” work, visit our Give and Take library in the Lower Church. There is a shelf of Catholic books there. Take what you like and either bring it back or bring your own donations next time. In September I’m making the Deep Dive course on my blog available free for parish members. This is a way to learn more about the faith. Tap into the “Formed” program to learn more about the faith online. If you need help accessing this great online resource call Katie Orbon at the parish office and she’ll help.

We also need good “heart” opportunities–times for prayer, adoration and devotions. Our heart needs to be open to God through daily communion with him in prayer and meditation with the rosary. Eucharistic Adoration is starting up again on Wednesday afternoons and first Fridays. Join in! Finally, our life is not complete if we are not “physically” fleshing it out. We’re doing great things together at Our Lady of the Rosary. We’re building a strong school, and through MercyWorks and Mother Teresa House expanding our work to the needy in our community. Get involved in giving and living the gospel!

Are you the scarecrow without a brain, the tin man without a heart or the lion without courage? If you ask the Holy Spirit will guide you to know first of all, where you need work and then guide you to know how to get that part of your life more in balance.

Your pastor,

Fr. Longenecker