Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The feast of the Holy Family reminds us that God works through families, and that started with Adam and Eve. From the first marriage between one man and one woman for life, God chose to do His work in the world through families.

In the Old Testament the “Holy Family” was the tribe of the Hebrews. That nation looked to Abraham as their father. They shared a culture, a religion, a history and all within their great extended family. The fact that the Hebrew nation and family still survives and thrives is an amazing sign of God’s loving action in the world.

After the death and resurrection of Jesus the good news was spread to the whole world. Through baptism all people could belong to the family of God. Through our membership in the church, we become adopted children of God–brothers and sisters to Jesus. When I was teaching school, I remember one bright spark putting up his hand and saying, “If Jesus is the son of God who is the king, then he is a prince and that makes all of us princes and princesses!”

We are therefore members of the greatest “royal family” the world has ever seen. As royalty, we are called to behave as such. We should see ourselves as noble, strong, pure and good members of that family, and we should never wish to do anything that might disgrace our royal family.

Finally, we may not have blood ties to one another, but in a way we do. We all share in the blood of Christ. Through him we have unity with one another. Through his blood we all share in the same royal bloodline.

Here at Our Lady of the Rosary we want to do our best to build up our families. Our small parish school with a classical Catholic curriculum is one of the ways we are working to support and build up our families. If you do not have your children or grandchildren enrolled in OLR school, why not? A good, solid Catholic education is the best foundation for their future, the best way for them to establish the right kind of friendships and the best way to strengthen their spiritual lives.

OLR school is going strong and we invite you to think and pray about your education decisions carefully as we move on into 2021.

Your Pastor,

Fr. Longenecker