Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The second vow of Benedictine monks is stability. Stability can be summed up as “God is not elsewhere.” Or “If you can’t find God here you won’t be able to find him anywhere.”

With the vow of stability, the monk decides to be committed to one community for life. That means he (or the Benedictine nun) stays put at that one location with that group of people. He puts down roots. He learns that he can’t run away from his problems and he has to learn how to live with others.

Stability is especially important in our face paced, hyper mobile life. We rush to and fro, move across the country or the world, and think nothing of pulling up stakes and moving on at the drop of a hat.

The vow of stability says, “Stay here. Bloom where you’re planted. Roll up your sleeves and get to work doing God’s will right where you are.” By not moving physically we also develop a psychology of stability. We are not swept away by every upsetting bit of gossip, disturbing current events or fanciful religions and spiritual gimmicks. Instead, we have stability of mind and heart as well as stability of body and place.

Stability also means we stop church shopping. In our lives we need commitment to the parish. Instead of flitting from one church to another for this mass or that mass or this priest or that priest, stay put. Contribute your time, talent and treasure to this one place and help build something that will last.

Here at Our Lady of the Rosary we want to build something that will last. We have built a new church and renovated the old church. Now we are building up the school community and reaching out to the wider community in service. In all these ways we are building something solid, steady and true in the spirit of stability.

Your pastor,

Fr. Longenecker