Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It is over a year now that we have all been dealing with the COID-19 pandemic.
I would like to thank our parish and school staff for helping us deal with this challenge with intelligence, sensitivity and hard work. I am also very grateful for the support and loyalty you have shown as we have worked hard to minister to those in need during this trying time.
As the shadow of COVID begins to clear, I would like to adjust our protocols for church attendance.
Beginning with Palm Sunday—March 28—we will relax any requirements to sign up for Mass in advance. Please note, there will not be sign-ups (Sign Up Genius) for Easter Masses as previously communicated. The numbers admitted to Mass will increase to 160. You can help us and yourselves by arriving at least 15 minutes before Mass, and using common sense in appropriately spaced seating.
We will also revert to the usual way to receive communion: coming forward to receive at the front of church. If you wish to keep your distance from others or wish to receive on the tongue, please come forward at the end of the line.
The threat of infection, however, has not disappeared. In order to safeguard the vulnerable, we ask you to continue to be aware and use common sense—respecting the fact that many in our community have genuine vulnerabilities and continued concerns about COVID. There is nothing wrong or fearful about exercising due caution and prudence for oneself and for others. To help those who are concerned, the early Mass on Easter Day, the Friday morning and Saturday evening masses will be the preferred Masses for those who are 70 years of age and older, and to ensure their peace of mind we ask that masks be worn at those Masses.
Remember, if you feel uncomfortable about returning to church, the obligation to attend remains suspended. If you would like to receive ministry at home, please contact the parish office.
Your Pastor,
Fr. Longenecker