Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Through your generosity and hope for the future, last year we purchased the house on the corner of our property – #6 James Drive.

A group of volunteers has now moved fences and cleared the back yard and already this had been an improvement for our campus. In the intervening months we have been discussing and praying about the best use for the property.

One of the areas of ministry I would like to expand is evangelization. We share in the corporal works of mercy to our local community through the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry and Mother Teresa House, but it is also our duty to share in the spiritual works of mercy. I’d love to explore ways that #6 James Drive could be used to help spread the fullness of our Christian faith in the Catholic church to those who life in this part of Greenville.

#6 James Drive might be a facility we could use for this outreach. A team of parishioners has worked with the Building Committee to survey the property and come up with recommendations, and I have continued to consult and envision the best use of the facility.

I have some ideas I would like to share with you in due time, but for the time being it seems best to do a modest renovation of the house to make it habitable. No matter what long term development plans we have for the campus, it will be most useful to make the house safe, watertight, secure and able to be occupied.

We would like to do this as economically as possible by using volunteer labor and parish fund raising on a small scale. We have a core team of six men who are getting involved in this project, and at this point in time we would love to hear from more parishioners on what you might be able to bring to this shared parish project.

Do you have building, renovation or technical skill of any kind? Do you have relatives or friends who would like to volunteer professional skills? Are you short on that, but long on extra muscle? Maybe you are not able physically, but you would like to help fund part of the project. If you would like to be involved in any way, please be in touch with me through the parish email.

We will keep you posted on this practical development in the parish and hope you will be pleased with the progress as we move forward.

Your Pastor,

Fr. Longenecker