Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This weekend is the second weekend of our annual parish stewardship campaign . . . except this year we are changing course to focus on our obligations to the Bishop’s Bicentennial Appeal.

This appeal is to raise over $60m for the ministry of the Diocese of Charleston in the years to come. Bishop Guglielmone has set up a separate fund for the collection and dispersion of funds, so the revenue collected will go to the special causes of education, evangelization, vocations and work with the needy across South Carolina.

You have probably heard that 50% of your gift returns to Our Lady of the Rosary parish. The way it works is that we ask you to make a pledge next Sunday. As you pay off the pledge, the diocese sends 50% of your gift back to the parish. We have decided to use these extra funds to further the work of Mother Teresa House—our referral center for the needy in this part of Greenville.

Greenville is a very generous and Christian town, but most of the charities and assistance centers are in West Greenville and downtown. This is despite the fact that our area of Greenville has been proven to be the most needy—with residential poverty, transient poverty along I-85, and rural poverty on the other side of the highway.

Chris Loewer is the director of Mother Teresa House. He is working hard with all the other charities in Greenville to make connections and put the needy in our area in touch with the whole range of services to help them get back on their feet. This is challenging and sometimes discouraging work, and Chris is doing a magnificent job.

He will be speaking about his work at the Masses this weekend. I hope you will make a generous pledge to the Bishop’s Bicentennial Appeal knowing that this helps the work of the Catholic Church across the state, but also gives a big boost to our work here in the area around our campus.

If you have any questions about how to make your pledge or pay your pledge please be in touch with Beth Jones in the parish office. She and Donna Craft will assist you with all the practicalities.

Your Pastor,

Fr. Longenecker