Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Each year, since our new church was completed, we have held a parish stewardship campaign for three weeks in the Autumn. We have tried to limit our fundraising and stewardship message to these three weeks so that all of us would not feel that coming to church was automatically a squeeze on our finances.

This year instead of the annual stewardship campaign we will focus on the Bishop’s Bicentennial Appeal which was postponed earlier this year because of the pandemic. We are obliged to participate in the Bicentennial Campaign, and this way we can kill two birds with one stone. The reason the Bicentennial Appeal helps OLR is because 50% of all the funds you donate return to the parish.

The Bishop’s Bicentennial Appeal marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Charleston Diocese, and the appeal was established to build up the Diocesan Funds to further the work of the bishop and his successors. The fund raising experts have already reached the target of $60 million dollars from around the diocese, so anything we can do will help the campaign to succeed even further.

Your gift to the Bicentennial Appeal will assist the Diocesan efforts to further evangelization, Catholic education and outreach to the needy. The 50% that returns to the parish will be designated for the work of Mother Teresa House. Next weekend (Oct. 4) at all the masses Chris Loewer, our Director of Outreach, will speak about his work with the needy. If we have enough income from this source it will help meet Chris’ salary needs and fund his ongoing work with many charities in the Greenville area who work with the needy.

This is, therefore, the first week of our annual stewardship drive. Next week we will hear about Chris’ work and I will outline in more detail some of the work the funds will be used for on the diocesan level.

The third week, October 11, will be pledge Sunday, at which we ask you to make your annual pledge – this year for the Bishop’s Bicentennial Appeal. If you are not yet attending church you may mail in your pledge cards or place them in the baskets in the narthex if you come to weekday Masses.

Thank you for your continued generosity. So far this year, despite the pandemic, our finances have held steady. Because so many of you participate in online giving, we have been able to continue and expand our mission and ministry here in our corner of Greenville County.

More than your financial generosity, I continue to be amazed and thankful for the strong faith of our people. Your devotion to the Lord and love of our Catholic faith is a true inspiration to me and a source of great light and strength to our whole parish and beyond.

Thank you!

Your pastor,

Fr. Longenecker