Corpus Christi Celebration

Eucharistic Procession, Adoration, Benediction, Refreshments in Guadalupe Hall

Sunday, June 6, 3:00pm

Please bring flowers and potted “shade loving” plants such as Azalea, Rhododendron, and Camellia for our All Souls/Pro-Life Outdoor Chapel.

What does Corpus Christi mean? The Latin words “Corpus Christi” translate to “Body of Christ.”

The Catholic Church honors Christ’s Presence in the Holy Eucharist with a special feast owing to St. Juliana of Liège, a 13th-century Norbertine canoness from Belgium. She had a great love for the Eucharist. When she was 16, she had a vision in which the Church was a full moon with a dark spot. The dark spot signified that the Church was missing a feast dedicated solely to the Body and Blood of Christ. Even though she had this vision several times, St. Juliana didn’t think that she could do anything to help institute this feast. Therefore, she kept it a secret for many years. Once she was elected prioress, she finally told her confessor, who in turn told the bishop. This eventually led to the universal feast of Corpus Christi.*