Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Since our regular Mass is canceled, (and we are presently only offering a modified public Mass schedule) we are providing these resources for you and your family to worship at home. There are two options: A Liturgy of the Word provided by OLR with a video homily by Deacon Mike Bannio this week, or participating with the live streamed Mass from St. Mary’s or Prince of Peace.

If you use the Liturgy of the Word at home with Deacon Mike’s homily, set a time on Sunday for your worship. It would be a good idea to set up a home prayer area—a table with a nice cloth on it, a candle and a crucifix or a holy icon or image. If you have children, they will enjoy helping to set up your worship space.

If you are on your own simply use the Liturgy of the Word worship aid from your computer to prayerfully read the Scriptures and prayers for the day, but it would be better to print it out and use it for an aid in worship. If there are more family members print copies for everyone and appoint a worship leader. In a family you may leave room for informal prayers or silence. At the end make an act of Spiritual Communion.

The second option is to follow one of the live streamed Masses from St. Mary’s or Prince of Peace. You will have to tune in at the proper time to follow the Mass. At the end of the Mass make your act of Spiritual Communion.

Your pastor,

Fr. Longenecker

Go HERE for the worship aid for the Liturgy of the Word – 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Go to YouTube HERE to view Deacon Mike’s homily or

the OLR Facebook page HERE

Prince of Peace – streamed ENGLISH Mass at 5:00 PM on SATURDAY here

St. Mary’s will be streamed on Sunday via their Facebook page at 11am here