Dear OLR Parishioners,

I pray you are all well during this unusual time in the life of our Catholic parish.  Fr. Longenecker has asked me to update you on how things are going at the school, and I am pleased to do so.

Distance Learning

Our teachers have done a laudable job transitioning from a very personal classroom teaching style to the online Zoom platform.  All students have the opportunity for multiple Zoom classes led by their teacher each week.  Our Upper School and Middle School students observe the most comprehensive schedule of online classes and we scale down for our younger students.  Work is turned in online either over email or our school LMS system.

It has been an adjustment to be sure, and we’ve had to learn a lot in a short amount of time.  But I’m proud of the way our teachers, parents, and students have handled everything – with positivity, flexibility, and grace.  I couldn’t have asked for a better response for the OLR school family!

Spiritual Support

The religious education and spiritual support of school families has also continued despite the distance.  My own Daily Blog includes guidance for family prayers and devotions and always concludes with a section entitled Something True, Good, and Beautiful, which frequently highlights Catholic themes or the Saint of the Day.

Fr. Longenecker has done a great job pivoting to minister to our families from afar.  He has begun recording a weekly video message geared particularly toward the students and is also making time for pastoral “in person” visits to the Zoom classes.

This Friday, we will celebrate the month of May with the Crowning of Mary in many of our homes.  It will be a beautiful event that reminds us that it is the seamless unity of faith across the school, parish, and home that most surely nurtures devotion in the hearts of our children.

New Family Recruitment

We are also excited to still be successfully recruiting new families to the school.  Our characteristic face-to-face service has been replaced by email and phone, but so far so good!  If you think your family might be interested in joining us at Our Lady of the Rosary School for the 2020-2021 school year, please let me know.

Next year OLR will offer classical Catholic education from K4 all the way up to 11th grade, so there is a spot for just about every child in the family.  We also award a very generous Faithful Family Scholarship to any parish family enrolling three or more children regardless of level of demonstrated need.  Want to know more?  Just email me at:

In Christ’s Love,

Thomas Curtin


Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School